About Us

The Gibsonville Fire Department is located in the Eastern part of Guilford County, North Carolina. Our fire department is incorporated and organized under the laws of the State of North Carolina as a Municipal Department. The primary purpose of the corporation is to afford fire protection to the community, including the portion of Alamance County. The secondary purpose is to aid, assist and cooperate with any and all organizations, private or public, in promoting safety to property and protection of lives.

Our fire department has approximately 30 members. The department is staffed 24 hours a day. We have three personnel on duty at all times and operate on a 3-4 shift schedule.

The Gibsonville Fire Department is available for public education on fire and life safety. Please complete the form 2 weeks prior to your requested event date.

Fire Calls

2012: 777
2013: 863
2014: 974
2015: 974
2016: 1,099
2017: 1,252
2018: 1,494
2019: 1,340
2020: 1,283
2021: 1,521
2022: 1,797
2023: 1,640